Window Film: a protection layer for the glasses

Line up the best edge of the Window Film with the highest point of the window, leaving that half inch hanging over at best, and tenderly smooth the film onto the window. You are only getting the film set up on the window now, so there’s no compelling reason to push down too hard on the film sufficiently challenging to motivate it to adhere to the window.

Try not to use the DIY formula unless you are an expert
When you have the film set up, and you are content with the situation, get the putty cut. When you are confident, your window is spotless, delicately shower a beautiful fog of warm water onto the window from the second splash bottle. You don’t have to douse the window, just softly shower it.
Window Film – applying systematically to eliminate bubbles and crushes
The most straightforward approach to do this is to get the Window Film (Scheibenfolie) on one corner and peel it down. It is the place it is convenient to have somebody helping you as they can hold the film set up while you remove the support. If you are planning to re-utilize the film sooner or later make sure to keep the support that you take off, you’ll require it should be that you need to keep your film.

The application procedure looks simple but is not
Presently you will work the Window Film all finished to secure it set up. Begin at best, tilt the putty blade to a 45-degree point and run it deliberately finished the best piece of the window securing it down. Next, utilizing the putty cut, go straight down the center of the film and secure it the distance down vertically. Once that is done take it from the best center, and as yet utilizing the putty cut, smooth it out first to one side from the center and after that over to one hand beginning at the center.