Why the menswear market is on the rise

For many years, people have always believed that shopping is not a man’s thing, especially when it comes to clothing and fashion. This belief is however changing. Fashion experts like Ariane Slinger hint that today, there is a far greater accent on physical appearance and how a person should present him/herself to others on a daily basis. Clothes are now playing an important role in helping the modern professional leave an inerasable impression on trade partners, seniors and associates. This means that men are left with no option but to modernize them on what is or what is not chic.

In order for the modern man to survive in a culture that judge people based on their attire, fashion experts like Ariane Slinger suggest that the modern man must start shopping for clothes. This is why the modern man is becoming more knowledgeable in fashion and he is now finding shopping to be more fun. In 2014 for example, it was estimated that the menswear market across the globe registered a steady growth of 4.5%. Apart from the fact that the menswear market is growing at a steady rate, another interesting development is that fast fashion and luxury brands in the fashion industry are focusing more on the menswear market.
Several brands and stores are now catering exclusively to the menswear market. With a firm setting of a growing demand for menswear in the fashion market, luxury fashion companies are now expanding their menswear products. Today, almost all luxury brands are launching various products that are exclusively dedicated to the menswear market. The advantage with this market for luxury fashion brands is that men are nowadays aware of the importance of brands. According to Ariane Slinger, Luxury brands that give more weight to menswear are boosting their sales because men are always ready to pay a higher dollar for top quality garments.