What is the effect of these games (العاب) on the mentality of the person?

There are so many games that are made specially to enhance the ability of thinking. The people spend so many times on the games. This is the stuff that is equally liked by all the people. The people spend hours and hours playing them. But the fact is that, now, the people think that they are wasting their time. So, they give up playing them. But the children are innocent and are not into about wasting and utilizing the time. They are just into the things they like. But this thing becomes the matter of concern for the parents, as they didn’t want their children to waste their time. They wanted the children to stop playing the Games (العاب).

This problem was also solved by the game makers. They made the games that were so good to play and had the ability to enhance the ability of the child to think. They designed the games in such a way that they attract the attention of the person but at the same time, they were made in such a way that they improved the thinking ability of the people. These games have the ability to make the person or the children use the special parts of their house and as the result of which their muscles on the brain were enhanced in the better way. Thus, these games (العاب)proved to be useful.

It was seen through the studies that the brain of the person who played these brain-teasing games had more developed brain structure than those who didn’t. It was seen that they have more capillaries in their brain to supply more oxygen supply to their cells of the muscles. In this way, the myosin was also produced in the larger amount. The games (العاب)made the working of the games much better.