What are the reasons subtitles added in the movies?

You must have seen these days that in the English movie’s subtitle are given at the bottom. The subtitles are very necessary for those who find it problematic to understand foreign languages. There are movie lovers who watch movies of different languages and able to understand the conversation in the movie by reading the subtitles given. This is not only the one reason for using subtitle in the movies, but also there are different reasons as well.

What are the reasons behind adding subtitles?
• Accents and slang: TheEnglish subtitles helps in understanding the slangs and accents easily. For those who are not familiar with the different kind of slangs can only understand when the subtitles gave below in the movies read. Otherwise, the audience become blank when misses a word from the dialog hence; subtitles added for the convenience of the viewers.
• Learning to spell: the movie subtitles are best if you are weak at the spelling. When you see the movies repeatedly in which the subtitles are used you become clear with spelling and can learn new words. In addition, you can read the subtitles and understand the words correct pronunciation. The brain can understand things well when you can both listen and see the spelling. This will make your brain remember the word for a long time. Hence, TV shows subtitles are added for you to learn.

• Learn a new language: the person who does not speak English and wants to learn than watching the movie subtitles is the best way to learn. In addition, if you are a kind of person who loves picking new words of different language then you must watch movies with subtitles. You will be able to learn new languages by this.
Hence, know you must have understood the need of adding subtitles and watching the movies with English subtitles.