Things You Should Know about Carrageenan

On a debatable start to the positive end, Carrageenan is confused with its effects and nature by people’s different conceptions and concerns However, Carrageenan came out to be safely used and not any concern of health issues. But the question lies with the unawareness that what exactly Carrageenan is? Where is its origin? And what should you know about it?

What do you know about Carrageenan?
What is carrageenan? People wonder when they came across the term in magazines or in news reports. Carrageenan as it is named actually is its general name, scientifically it is known as polysaccharides. It is in family of linear sulphates, which is extracted from the red edible seaweeds. Seaweeds are the green algae which can be consumed and help in preparation of food.
Its application
Carrageenan has its expanding use in food industry as a food additive. It works as a thickener in food. It also has gelling and stabilizing properties, which makes it profound in use. It is primarily used in meat and dairy products as it has property and so, the capacity to bind food proteins. It is used in low concentrations in dairy industry, in their dairy products, which prevent fractionation of milk. It has suspension quality used in additive chocolate drinks.
Question over Safety
There is a debatable question that has arisen on the concern of health that is Carrageenan bad? After the long reviews in magazines, and reports over different medical associations and health organizations, now it is clear that Carrageenan is safe.
Why it ever came to concern?
The food graded and degraded are the two forms of Carrageenan. Food graded is however not harmful and is used in good industry but degraded is harmful but it has no use in food items because of not having thickening property. There are no side effects of carrageenan when it comes to health as we are using it in our food ever since.
No proof of cancer
There are a lot of statements by different accusations state that there is cancer possibility by food graded carrageenan which eventually turned out with no proof. Their accusation of carrageenan cancer is built on wrong conception of animal studies