The various covers under HGV Insurance

Contents Cover
The contents cover is a type of cover that covers all the HGV insurance made by you for all the goods whether carried by you or someone else. Using your truck, you may also get commercial gains IE as a haulage contractor provided that in the particular event in which your truck has got damaged has caused any loss, stolen or broken, you will get the Lorry Insurance.

Public Liability
This is a type of cover that protects you from all the claims which are made by the public in your name or on your behalf. It covers the claim as the result of the negligence. This is the cover which is used when you have caused damage or hurt any member of the public and you are not personally liable for it.
European Cover
Though in some other country, you are using your vehicle within the Eurozone, then you definitely need the European cover. Covering your lorry and also your contents abroad, this is the cheap HGV insurance policy.
Legal Fees
The legal fees cover all the area of policy which are related to the legal fees or the costs of the lawyers. The lawyers that are involved in any kind of case which is against you or your company fall under this.
Breakdown Recovery
This is the kind of cover which is required by every truck driver and therefore it is a cheap HGV insurance policy. Having some damage or getting stuck on the road side will definitely costs your time and also the money. The costs associated with such events can be extremely high, therefore this is a very essential cover for the truck drivers.
Fleet Insurance
It is the type of HGV insurance cover which covers if you own many vehicles. You can reduce the risk of many vehicles using one cover.