A quick guide to buying whey protein

Whey protein is actually an incredible supplement. Just a scoop, some water or milk, a shaker and a few shakes will give you roughly about the same protein that you will get from a cooked chicken breast. While cooking a chicken breast will take you at least 20 minutes, a protein shake can give you your protein supply in 30 seconds, while you are still at the gym, right after your workout.

That being said, it is important that you realize that whey protein is good for you only when you buy the right kind of protein.

Here’s a quick buying guide on how to buy the best protein.
Clean protein
When shopping for whey protein, don’t just look at the protein per serving. While a whey protein brand might have a very high figure of say 30 grams per serving, the quality of that serving matters a lot. 30 grams of protein is no good if the serving comes with 200 calories, 10 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fat and very high sodium and cholesterol. You are better off not drinking that protein or by sticking to natural foods.

Good price per protein gram
Next on the list of tips to buy the best cheap whey protein is to correctly shop for the price per protein gram. Don’t just take a look at the sticker price of protein. We say that because a $40 protein might have a lot more protein than a $30 protein. While this may seem obvious to you, what you might not realize is that the cost per gram of protein might be very cheap in the $40 protein. It is something that you will realize only when you explore the serving size, the protein per serving and the number of servings in a tub.