Explore the exclusive collections and buy rubber duckies for your infants

Our little toddlers are the most precious and delicate gems that we need to care about. And to leave no stones unturned, the toy companies are now coming up with the most advanced alternatives that can make their childhood memorable and safe. Bathing is one of the most peculiar things that every kid denies about, but when you engage them with some attractive toys, your task of bathing them becomes simple. Rubber duckies have been in trend since years, but with a change in our technological era, toy companies are now experimenting with these rubber ducks as well. Explore the best collection at suitable prices with us!

The variety of rubber duck wholesale available for you
Well, when kids start growing, their notorious behavior gets on increasing with time, and you can never leave these little bombs alone for a second. However, to engage them, either inside the bathtub or outside it, rubber ducks are the best. The newly designed collection includes-
• Celebriduck collection- well, your kids are probably not this intelligent to be a fan of their favorite stars, but we never know! A duck shaped like William Shakespeare or the one like Alice in Wonderland can attract them! So get these fantastic rubber ducks shaped like famous poets, television, and movie stars and find something attractive for them.
• Pink ribbon collection- well pink is the most delicate and cute color that is associated with every little girl. So if your bud also loves to get everything in pink, then these rubber duckies are the best for her. They can even go well with your theme-based bathtub and come in all shapes and sizes at really affordable and budget-friendly prices.
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Rubber Ducky First Birthday Party

Bring everyone together for a dear 1-year-old’s very first bash. This darling centerpiece cake will encircle each single guest and bring back happy memories of splashy bubble baths! And let us face it – that very first birthday is just as much about doting grownups, sisters, brothers, and cousins since the tiny guest of honor!

Party Invitations

Buy a duck-shaped sponge or reduce on a duck-shape out of a sponge. Dip the sponge in yellow paint and stamp onto cardstock. Add wiggly eyes located at craft shops. The exact same stamp may be used for paper napkins, tablecloth and handle bags.

Party Decorations

Sprinkle the table using light blue confetti to resemble water and decorate with a great deal of inexpensive yellow rubber ducky(at an assortment of sizes). Everybody is able to take a couple of home.

Party Games & Activities

Grab that first bite of cake using a movie camera in addition to still shots.

Request an older sibling or adult to interview guests on movie about the birthday kid, adding their own commentary regarding the day. Burn a DVD for baby’s memory box and to share.

Play a game which assesses the adults’ knowledge of this one-year older. Collect facts about the child’s first year of development for example “the number of diapers did she/he use this year,” “the number of teeth will she/he have?” Award a prize for the most appropriate answers.

Play music and have a sing along with “rubber ducky, You’re the Only One” and “Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath.”

Collect all of the small ones attending the party and blow bubbles.

Party Favors

“Just Ducky” party favors comprise anything out of duck-shaped soaps, bath bubbles, bottles of blowing bubbles and also the rubber squeaking ducks themselves.