Is bitcoin a welcome change in India?

Progressive changes have knocked the door of technology and it has been a long time. Recently, the Indian currency has seen a major change with demonetization and the growing cashless transactions. At the right time bitcoin also has seen a major surge in India. We have fast forward our currency system and found this great cryptocurrency payment network. This currency doesn’t have a physical appearance and it’s just the numbers in your account.

December, 2012 was when bitcoin met India for the first time and has stayed ever since. Some major bitcoin exchanges in India have formed an association called Digital Asset and Blockchain Foundation of India (DABFI). The prime motive of this association is to spread awareness about bitcoin and tell people about the advantages and disadvantages of using bitcoin.
The cryptocurrency market has grown much in the recent years. To buy bitcoin in India or Sell bitcoin in India you don’t even have to move an inch from the place you are at this time right now. All you have to care about is the bitcoin rate. The rate of the bitcoin keeps changing as it is not a fixed currency system. But with little knowledge about it you can crack the best bitcoin rate by yourself and land yourself a great deal in no time.
The sooner we indulge in it the better because the future seems to be way digitalized and technologically advanced then today. The exchange apps have deepen their roots in India already, we just require a clear chit from the Indian government and proper regulatory guidance. Although the change in the currency system is good for the cashless transaction that the government is trying to imply but they are also worried about the increase in crime rate related to internet such as cybercrime, money laundering, tax avoidance etc.