Concept of maths that is useful

In school we were taught a lot of things and a lot of subjects. But if you think about it for a minute, you will realise that the subject that everyone remembers and dreads and would agree about it in unison is Mathematics. This subject was something that could be related to a nightmare when it comes to studies. We all have studied maths for hours and hours, trying to get all the questions right, trying to find the value of x, and trying to not make any silly mistakes but one thought that has crossed everyone’s mind is that what is the use of maths in our daily life though?

This isn’t a bad question to ask to be very honest. We should be always questioning the things that are happening in our lives and especially when it comes to our education we should be extra cautious about such stuff. Talking about the importance of maths and actual use of concepts that were taught to us in school, one thing can be definitely said that maths was the primary tool by which children were differentiated in terms of their IQ. People who are good in maths usually better when it comes to aptitude.
Talking about the concepts that were taught in maths that are also useful to us in daily lives we all can agree to the part that basic maths is a necessity for everyone, other than that when it comes to concepts such as probability or permutation and combination a lot of these things are very helpful in various things in life such as calculating the possibility of an event that might occur, risk management, playing games such as Toto 4d lucky number, ramalan 4d , no ramalan 4d and so on.