Why is Dr Loria Male Enhancement Techniques a successful procedure for Penis enlargement

Why is Platinum Procedure Method useful?
The Platinum Procedure Method is a successful technique of Male Enhancement. Nowadays there are lots of penis enlargement processes including surgery are available, but Platinum Method is one of the best techniques among them because it complies less risk involvement. This Platinum method is different vastly from those common Male Enlargement Surgical processes because it produces only our own collagen and no foreign substance will be produced in your body.

Surgery procedure of Penis enlargement is risky:
Most of the surgical procedure is very risky because a big shaft from the penile area is to be cut and open to insert the silicone Rubber sheet or similar type of natural elements into that wound and then the hole is stitched. It is major surgery. But Platinum Procedure of penis enlargement is a minor surgery technique.
How you follow Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure?
Though there are various filler materials are used in this process, but the key filler which is injected into the penile area is Silicon 1000. This Silikon 1000 is FDA approved material used for the treatment of eyes’ retinal detachment and silicone inject-table. But Silicone injection is still under experiment but not approved for cosmetic surgery.
As FDA has allowed the licensed physicians to utilize silicone 1000 as off-label for dick enlargement and other purposes as per FDA modernization Act, 1997, doctors are using Dr. Loria Platinum Procedure hugely from the very beginning of its development. There are so many benefits of this minor surgical method. The total duration of Dr. Loria Male Enhancement Techniques is only one to two hours.

You will observe that your penis is wrapped with gauze and you may go to your home within a few hours of treatment. Besides dressing the wound at genital area, you have to do various re-wrapping while you will be at your home. It is the first procedure of penis enlargement treatment and you can expect ¾ to one-inch enlargement of your penis size within 14 to 21 days of doing this first procedure. You should follow the Loria Medical Penis Enlargement Reviews to know the pros and cons effects of this procedure