Follow a few steps to find your router ip

Your router has two kinds of internet protocols addresses which are used privately in your home network, and one is used in the outside world. The IP address is known as a gateway IP address that is used in your home devices to access the internet, and another one is used to give all the information of route. If you want to build up all the settings of your router by using the web interface, you will have to use IP address. Another thing is that, if you are someone wants to get access to your home network; you need to get public IP because it is found in the outer world. So, to know what is my router ip, you will need to configure it using a web interface that may find on local internet protocols.

Following are the steps to follow and finding IP address-
• First, you need to make available the web browser on your wireless device and computer.
• Then connect your device to the network of your router
• You need to know what your router link is and then type in the address bar of web browser
• Type the router email address with confirmation password
• A user name is admin, and the default password is password so these are the sensitive case that will be displayed by home page.

• Select advanced so that your router internet protocols address view under router information
Still, you are unable to put the right IP address in the web browser and access the interface of the router; you can choose another way. Many sites can be opened by you and will inform you what’s my router ip. If these steps work, you can get your router ID and save it in your device. These were steps, to be followed by you so that you can get access to your ID as well.

Side effects of excessive drinking and how to overcome that bad habit

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Simple solution
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