All You Need To Know About Gba4ios Emulator

Gone were those days when we used to jailbreak the Iphones probably for hacking it in order to enjoy games like NDS, GBA and PlayStation games. In the recent past gba emulator has become one of the most popular emulators; it allows the users of iPhone to experiencetheir game boy advance games on their device.

GBA4Aios Make Use of Apple Own Certificate
In order to install the emulator, gba4ios uses apple own certificate- thus one does not require a jail broken device for workin g. Apple is very serious aboutthis issue and they usually close such loophole quickly by simply revoking the certificate, but don’t worry as there is a new version of gba4ios is available now.
With new gba emulator, you will not experience any sort of issue with IOS 11 or below, even without doing a jailbreakon your phone. Thus once more you can use the gameboyemulator to enjoy Gameboy games.
Downloading and Installing For Gba4ios
Gba4ios 2.1 works with IOS 8.1 to 9.0, 9.1, 9.2.1, 9.3,10 and 11 and hope it will work for the above version too. One needs to install gba emulator in order to get the room into it, this is because the GBA emulator has a lot more to offers its users.

Steps To Install the Emulator
• Open Safari on your device and navigate to;
• Hit on install by tapping on gba4ios 2.1 BUTTON;
• After you get the pop up that request you to confirm, make sure to tap on install to proceed further;
• On your home screen, you will see a new icon for GBA4IOS once you are done with installation. If you have IOS 10 follow the below-mentioned steps:
• Settings –general—profiles;
• Select the certificate starting with CMN; make sure to hit on trust option on the follow up screen.
Note: In case if you are using an older version of the IOS you can launch the app simply from home screen, once they ask for confirmation in the pop up simply hit on ‘trust’.
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