How can a chatbot grow your business?

Previously, when a company was founded, it was very necessary to know how to publicize the product, that is, to use the correct advertising and promote the idea in an appropriate way. In addition to having an excellent team of professionals, physical space, machinery and furniture, economic support, etc. In those times advertising companies were used, who through their creators engineered a propaganda campaign that was disseminated in the press, magazines, television, film, and billboards, which made the general public know the product and It will awaken your curiosity to try it.

Nowadays, even when these propaganda media are still maintained, it has been proven that they are not as effective as those used by applications such as Facebook. The vast majority counts on your computer with this application to be able to be connected with your family and friends, but it has also been given a very practical use in the industry, since every company, however small, must have an email or a site on the internet that allows you to show your materials and what they offer.
Through this platform, you can enter any company and investigate, in real time, what concerns us the most. That is why having a chatbot is so important because this robot is responsible for interacting with the client and solving their doubts in the chatbot online, from the comfort of your home.
This innovative tool created by the technology specialists of the company Amico, is very easy to install, to create a Chatbot enter your application and through quick steps, you can have the Facebook Messenger bot, which will allow you to have virtual conversations with customers and serve them in an efficient way.
Update your business on your Facebook Chatbot and enter the new era of advertising, making your work known.

How will you sell Facebook page to get a huge sum of money?

Why will you sell Facebook page?
You may sell Facebook page for money. However, you have to take all precaution before selling your Facebook page. You have to be careful with scam while you will decide to sell the Facebook page. The selling of Facebook page is not legal but there are various loopholes in the legal documents utilizing which you can easily and safely sell your Facebook place against huge money.

How to sell your Facebook page?
You have to maintain a process of selling a facebook page step by step:
• 1st Step – Get Quote
The first step of selling Facebook is very simple. You fill-up the short submission form available online and then submit the same for a quote. The professional person of the trusted site will analyze your page and intimate you to quote for your Facebook page.
• 2nd Step – Choose Escrow
You have to remember that security is one of the most important matters when you will decide to sell your Facebook page. It may be possible that you are getting ripped off. But you don’t worry – you can overcome this problem using an Escrow service for securing the transaction. The Escrow is actually a 3rd Party and guides you in transferring the ownership of your Facebook.

The Escrow service will hold the funds as a 3rd party until and unless the Facebook page is transferred. Escrow is benefitted from both parties. It also makes guarantee both the seller and buyer. It makes sure the buyer that they do not pay until and unless the system is entirely finished and on the other site, the seller is assured that he or she will receive the agreed amount upon transferring the Facebook page.
How to sale your Facebook page at the high amount of money?
You can sell your Facebook page at a very high amount of money if it is well-prepared. You should decorate your Facebook page so that it can attractive to the buyers and they fee interest to buy your face book page.