Need for women empowerment and feminism

One must accept the fact that the world that we live isn’t a very good one. Life is not fair as we all know it. But something that we all must understand that is if you are born a woman in the world then life is slightly tougher for you. It is a very wrong thing to say but that is true. We must have moved very forward in terms of technology and liberalization but at our core mind set it is implanted in our minds that women are weaker than man. Atrocious thing to say but it is true. From the very beginning of mankind, women were treated as lesser creatures. In the last century they had to fight for their voting rights and right to abortion.

Even in the twenty first century women are fighting against taboos that don’t allow women to pursue a job, wear clothes that they want or participate in activities such as sports because orthodox people consider women to be weaker than men and unfit for sports. We need to back women to make sure that they break all these taboos by participating in sports such hockey, football etc. which are dominant by women. Many organizations are helping women by giving them womens hockey equipment such as womens hockey stick and womens hockey gloves as a sign and symbol to showcase that when women play a sport they are breaking all taboos around them.
We are oblivion to the many unsocial activities and discrimination done with women around the globe. Often the feminist movement is used to by a select group to defend their actions and the poorest of the poor continue to get oppressed. If only people were less selfish and used a cause to support others rather than themselves the world will sure change for good.

Ins and Outs of Laser Tag

Playing laser taggers is loads of pleasure and real fun. You can be an amazing winner if you adhere to the action strategy. It’s all about getting off more shots than moving quickly and hiding yourself. When you get more shots you can top the leaderboard with your mere sole performance. You will have great experience when you become a winner just by brushing up few of your skillset.

Attire matters most
Lighter shade apparel will increase your visibility so you will end up as a much reachable target. Always wear dark shades to limit your visibility. Make yourself comfortable with simple garments and simple shoes because heels or sandals can make sounds. Layers of clothes may be a right choice as you would be walking in the cold arena but it merely depends on your insulation level.
Get More Shots
Though it sounds pretty illogic yet it is more worth doing if you want to top the leaderboard. Keep yourself well protected and keep targeting your enemies with the infrared laser tag guns. It is purely immaterial to have perfection in shooting but your brisk shooting towards your opponent increase your chances of winning. Always aim at high scoring zones.
Keep moving to protect yourself
Keep moving sideways than ducking or covering yourself, it gives you more protection during firing as you are prone to minimal possibilities to get hit with infrared laser tag guns. Don’t stick to spots since you can become an easy target to your enemies.
Final Thoughts
Laser Tag games are more popular during special events, birthday parties and camps. Laser tag USA leading provider of laser tag, a unique game loaded with adrenaline-pumping fun really enjoyed by diversified age group of children. Win or lose, you are sure to enjoy the excitement yet following some ins and out makes you shine as a better player.