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Yoni eggs are made out of valuable stones such as jade’s or obsidian usually polished then carved into the shape of a small egg usually the size of quail egg to a small chicken egg. Often call as jade eggs or love eggs, these small works of wonders are meant for females to insert into there vagina to increase their sexual experiences. For example one of the benefits of having to year a jade egg is it can reduce premenstrual syndrome and also vaginal cramp. It is said that if you wear a obsidian egg you will increase your kidney health because the vaginal canal is closely related to one’s kidney.

There are many types of yoni eggs but from a commercial stand point there are only 2 that have made through the market, mainly the drilled and undrilled yoni eggs. The drilled one come with a hole often for people to tie a string to it so that it can be removed when required. The undrilled has to strings attached so it will only come out when it has done it’s work. Besides, wearing a yoni egg increase your chances of orgasm and also increases sexual stimulation. When one wears the yoni egg, the best suggest exercise that one should to is the kegel exercises women to tone up the vaginal muscle.

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