What do you need to know about Boonie Hat?

Boonie hats also called as bush hats were used by the military people during war as a camouflage patterns. These boonie hats were commonly worn by army, marine soldiers and Special Forces working in the jungle to ward off excess sunlight and protect their skin. They are classic pony hats that are olive green colors designed based on government specifications, usually with ventilation bands for air movement and loop fasteners for adjusting length. Custom Boonie Hats were made with good quality materials, durable with multiple colors and styles.

Boonie hat – A great outdoor accessory
Boonie hats are great for outdoor activities such as hiking, jungle safaris and long day at Disneyland, generally considered as best head gear because it provides the most protection on the sides, no matter which direction is the sun, yet it covers your head and neck completely. People are prone to skin cancer when they don’t follow enough protection against direct sunlight, custom boonie hats serves as a good solution that guarantees a maximum protection against sunlight.
Bucket Hats Vs Boonie Hats
Although bucket hats and boonie hats looks alike and serve the same purpose yet they have some dissimilarities when you watch them keenly. Custom bucket hats have bucket like shape where the brim slide downwards whereas the brim of the boonie hat are generally wide and more stiff when compared to bucket hat or fishermen’s hat. In addition when it comes to sun protection, boonie hats offer more protection due to the structure of the brim than of bucket. Last but not the least, custom boonie hats provide low visual profile so it acts as a safer element to hide yourself from enemies.
Final Thoughts
Boonie hats considered as a best military gear has number of bonus when compared with other custom hats. Indeed a more comfortable, functional, better designed custom hat for hot weathers.

The significance of Corporate Gifts

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Learning about Corporate Gifts and Accessories
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Choosing ideal Custom Corporate Gifts
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