What’s Digital Marketing?

Are you perplexed with the numerous new and perplexing terms related to digital marketing?
What happened to good old fashioned media like print, radio and TV?
Unfortunately, the truth is, people are moving away from traditional media and are currently giving more of their time into the internet and mobile phones. So if you want it or not, understanding how to promote throughout the new media is essential.

Not convinced?
Have a look around you. How a lot of people do you see with a mobile phone? They are practically everywhere!
People are using their phones to play games, watch movies, communicate with friends and get online. Smart phones such as the iPhone are altering the manner sales messages have been conveyed and may be conveyed.
Where people were accustomed to accepting advertisements passively before, now they’ve evolved to either shut them out or socialize together. We certainly need the latter. And the digital marketing course enables us to do precisely that through participating mobile applications or interactive digital information on the internet.

Whether you want it or not, the digital revolution has arrived and if you do not need to get banished to oblivion, then you’ve got to learn how to sell effectively to the digital creation!
Digital marketing covers a broad array of marketing avenues.
In the heart of digital mkt company (empresa de mkt digital) is your internet and smart phones. The internet is that the world where information is disseminated and the smart phone is the medium whereby the viewer connects to the internet.
Therefore, Digital marketing = Internet marketing Mobile marketing
The good news is – it can be so much more affordable and cost effective compared with print, radio and TV marketing.
In print, radio and TV, you can’t target your listener or audience and you’ll never understand who saw your advertisement, who reacted or who purchased.

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