Playing card games an old habit

One can say that playing cards have been one of the most famous ancient traditions. In the great books we can read about the various references made about great kings and famous noble people playing cards. Even today playing cards is a part of celebrating many auspicious festivals in various countries. This has been of those habits that have only evolved with time. In today’s world a lot of people like to play cards. Over the years many new types of card games have also been come into play.

During the world war two, a lot of soldiers had a habit of playing cards with them to the war. With no source of entertainment and high risk of death, playing cards was all the fun activity left. Even today when taking a train journey, you will definitely see at least a couple of groups playing cards on the train. Two popular card games that are played often are Blackjack and Poker. In the movie Hangover, a very integral movie scene was built around characters of the movie playing blackjack. In the famous James Bond movie Casino Royale, the whole plot of the movie is built around the characters playing poker. Now that the online world has seen a significant rise you can play all your favourite card games online. From capsa banting online to the famous game Governor of Poker, the best of card games are available online.

The best thing about card games is that anyone can play them and learn this game very fast. This does not require years of hard work or practise. You can play cards with your grandfather or play it with your 12 year old nephew. In these changing times games such Uno has also become a popular card game.