Rules of free Email Extractor online

There are several methods for Extracting Emails, which can be performed on the Email Extractor Online. It is performed under the My Account option after the user login. It is performed by two methods:

1. Remove temporary mails: In this method, the removing of temporary mails is made by clicking on the remove temporary emails option which is present in the extractor. It removes all the temporary emails which got saved in the account from extraction.
2. Remove Toxic emails: All the toxic emails which got saved from the extraction can be removed by clicking on the option remove toxic email option.

With all these methods provided by Email Scraper there comes some rule too, which are necessary to be followed.

• Prohibition on multiple account creation: There are many users who create multiple accounts so that they can use the free features of the website. However, by doing so the user will get banned from the website and he/she will be required to create a new account and use it after paying for it.

• Post-purchase features: While making the purchase, the buyers have the option of using ten spiders to scrape from the webpages, rather than just using the five spiders. This enables the extraction of emails more easily. This renders the user to save his energy and time.

• The browser should remain opened: During the time of extraction, the browser should remain open. This is because of the reason that, unless it gets s completed the results generated by the spider will be lost, if the browser is closed. However, is a person wants to leave the browser unattended, then the email extraction result box should be checked.
• The X option in the scan window of Email Extractor: If a user wants to stop the scraping of emails from different sites, then he or she can hit the X button which will stop the searching of emails.