Magic Chef MCUF3W2 – best upright freezer for garage

If you are looking for an upright freezer best suitable for your garage. Then the Magic Chef MCUF3W2 will be the best option for you. Here we will let you know about this freezer. You will get all information about this freezer. Magic Chef MCUF3W2 comes with a lot of interesting features. Including a compact size for congested space and the low energy consuming feature. But also it has drawbacks. We will also talk about the drawbacks of Magic Chef MCUF3W2 here.

Magic Chef MCUF3W2 comes with a dimension as D22, W20.3, H32.1 Inches. It is 53.2 lbs in weight. Defrost is manual in this freezer. The top features of this freezer are that it is compact in size, as you can see the dimensions. Which makes it best upright freezer for the garage. Other than this Magic Chef MCUF3W2 is less power consuming. It has so many features like recessed door handle which gives comfortable grip, the Reversible door which gives flexibility in tighter space, the adjustable temperature thermostat control is easy to use.

Storage capacity is very good at Magic Chef MCUF3W2. It has 3 cubic feet of storage that is perfect for garage freezers. Its flush back design also makes it more convenient for tighter space. All-white door and cabinet give it a nice look also. It has wire shelves in it, which makes it easy for you to get the food items in and out quickly. As we said above this freezer consumes less energy. So you don’t have to worry about the electric bill. The drawback of this freezer is that its coils frost very quickly as compared to other freezers. Also, it makes a lot of noise which can disturb you and your family.