Get rid of phone anxiety and solve it

It is very important to have immense confidence while you interact with a person since that amounts to success or failure for any purpose. The message needs to be conveyed properly without any hitch or confusion. When you suffer from phone anxiety you tend to get nervous and convey a message but in a distorted manner which leaves the interpretation of a message to be vague thus creating a contrary response.

Thus, it is very important to get rid of it as it will help you to gain confidence and also help you to deal with any situation strongly and in a better manner.
Talking to strangers no more a problem- learns how
Whenever you feel talking to strangers is an issue does not get nervous or frantic since that will be the biggest obstacle to your communication. You will have to ensure that while you pick up a call or dial a call hesitation of any form is removed from your mind which shall help you to overcome the disorder. You cannot allow your mind to tell you or indicate you about any form of distortion.
Hence, to remove any issue from scratch, remove it from your mind first.
Deal with anxiety with positivity
The first and foremost rule in dealing with any disorder is that you must be positive about the outcome. To deal with anxiety too, you will have to be patient and take a look at this disorder with a view that some form of positivity shall occur in the end. To overcome such disorders, you will have to face struggles, get hitched in some areas but then you will also have to believe that you will get positive results in the end.
Thus, do not shy away from this disorder. Come to the forefront and face it.