Fences: All You Need to Know

Fences: All You Need to Know

“Oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, “Don’t fence me in”…. Those lyrics are the beginning of a popular tune sung by Bing Crosby many years ago and adored by many people who loved to wander the country’s wide open spaces without being “fenced in”.  It’s true that the purpose of fences is to enclose and protect people, animals, homes, and businesses from harm and unwanted intrusion. Fences can keep things in and they can also keep them out. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to having a fence. A fence can provide security and deter an undesired trespasser from entering your property. A fence can keep out unwanted animals and wildlife.


Advantages of fences:  

Fences are good for homes and schools to keep children contained within a play area and to keep out unwanted animals or people that may do harm to them. Fences are good for a home’s property value. Statistics show that when buyers with children and pets are seeking a home to purchase, they want a home that has a ready-to-use fence in good condition. It saves the new homeowner time and money if they do not have to construct a fence. Homes with fences located in urban areas sell better than homes without fences. The need increases near school zones, bus stops, and on residential streets with high-volume traffic. As well, experienced realtors know that a fence increases property resale value. For established homeowners who want to improve their landscape and increase their property value, installing a fence is the perfect time to upgrade as a complete package. When planning the new landscape design, ensure that it includes a new fence. Doing so will save time and money rather than completing a new landscape design and then adding a fence after the work is finished.

There are many fence types, styles, and options to consider when installing a new fence system. Hiring a skilled landscape designer and an experienced fence installation company, in the long run, will save a lot of money.


Disadvantages of fences:

Most experienced homeowners and realtors know that there are more advantages than disadvantages to having a fence constructed. The drawback of any fence is the required maintenance to keep it in good shape. What good is a fence that is falling down? Without regular maintenance, metal fences rust and wood fences deteriorate and fall apart. Fences that become unattractive also become an eyesore and detract from property value. Property lines must be surveyed and carefully documented and consider an adjoining neighbor who might not like the idea of a fence constructed on or near to their property line. Sometimes neighborhood disagreements occur over constructing fences when opposition arises. An added expense is hiring an attorney to resolve fence property line disputes. Then, consider zoning restrictions that must be followed before a fence is constructed. Violating zoning restrictions can lead to fines and penalties. When it comes to fences, the cost is another disadvantage. Fences can be expensive to construct, repair, and maintain.

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