Family jealousies and love in Ishqbaaz

As is very usual in our society the story ofIshqbaaz surrounds a family that is one of the richest in India and the members, despite their very cool and unified appearance in the public, have deep-rooted jealousies and conflicts with each other. In India, usually joint family system goes on in families that have strong links with the past and this is because the joint family system draws its roots from the ancient Indian cultural traditions. The joint family system is deep rooted in the Indian tradition that even in all the land that were once part of India despite distinct cultures and religions exemplify extraordinary allegiance to the system even after decades of separation! Indians simply adore their joint family system yet this is not to mean that there exist no counter-love and counter-unity actions and intentions in these joint family structures!

The story of Ishqbaaz is revolving around the young and the previous tradition of a wealthy business family at the same time. The story revolves around three families within one family structure and also around three youngsters who simply defy the mutual tension and ambitious jealousies of the parents. The three lead characters have very different even conflicting nature yet the fact is mind blowing that they share an inseparable bond of love and familial affection for each other. Families are built on love and unity and feelings of good and prosperity for the members but it cannot be ignored that greed and complexity in the presence of financial insecurities can lead to troublesome emotions and ambitions which can create lots of problems in the seemingly happy and calm lives of the upper-class! This is one great T.V show that educates us in many manners and aspects and it also provides very good entertainment as well. If you are getting bored with your ordinary existence then you can taste the lives of those who are not so ordinary from the look of it!