Dota 2 New Player’s Tips

Prefacing this by stating I am not good (4k) and do dumb shit all the time, but there are a number of things which should just never be carried out.

I have been attempting to enable a few really low MMR buddies for a little while now (they vary from 1k to 3.3ish).
Quit flaming before the game even starts. Okay sure, your staff has like 3 carries, who gives a shit? More than likely the enemy group does also. If you do not nourish, guess what? You win.

Do not have a courier at 5 minutes? Mad you can not get your bottle? Balls upward and fucking buy it. I recognize that the overwhelming bulk of service players who support from requirement are pissy the entire game — scatter them and purchase your personal updated courier and a few wards.

Do not jungle from level 1. Naturally there are heroes which are exceptions to this rule. But do not first select juggernaut and squander your possible by getting lower farm and expertise than you want in lane.

Requires me to my second stage. If you’re playing a more “jungler” (Axe, Chen etc.) do not farm all game and construct a midas and pout “omg group nob.” It’s likely that you’re losing since you set your team supporting by being unworthy from the jungle for 20 minutes.

Farm. Seriously what the fuck. Do not quit hitting creeps. Quit doing the mexican stand offs in mid. This occurs literally every game of 1-2k that I spectate around the 20 minute mark. Purchase yourself a TP and push out a tide, clear the jungle, and then push out another wave (presuming you’re near the jungle). Even when you are not; you’re generating space for your group and earning money. It’s possible to TP mid before the battle starts or whether it’s happening.

If you do not understand how to construct a hero, then use the in game guides. You will find in dota 2 boost guides available at the upper left of this display. A good deal of these are “incorrect” but are much better than simply guessing.