AKISAMA apartments has the best Male and Female Changing Rooms

Swimming Pool is one of the most important needs for the AKISAMA residents in this part of the city. When you are back from the sports activities or the gym, you will need to chill out for some time. The best idea that is inexpensive too, is to spend a few minutes in the pool. If you are going to do it then the children are going to do it too. If you were going to enjoy the water sports then the children would develop the interests for the same sport as well. It means you are cultivating a best routine for them to stay fit and agile always.

Children Wading Pool is another major plus in the AKISAMA properties. At the same time, you are not paying anything in addition to enjoy these facilities like Children Playground, or the nurseries. There is a Management Office too. You can get the plants of your kind from the Nursery. Children nursery school to take care of the kids is also there. You can use the Mini Market for shopping in the evening time. Multi-Purposes Hall is there for any type of celebrations.

For example if you are, throwing a party for the weekend then you can enjoy the occasion with the neighbors in the hall. If you are interested in presenting your friends, the talent in music that you have then that is an ideal choice. If you are interested in conducting any meetings with your friends then that hall can be useful too. Book the halls for the wedding parties.

Gymnasium is another major attraction in the AKISAMA residential complexes. There is plenty of equipment of the most interesting kind that is installed in the gym. You can use it along with the other members in the complex. The availability of the gym in your same facility is definitely a valuable advantage at any given day.